The Girl who made me hate Sundays

The Girl who made me hate Sundays  😥😥

               I am not a professional author. I have no experience in writing. Excuse me for my grammer mistakes.
           It all started on a rainy day on 2004, a young boy stepped in to his UP school. He was not a superhero, he were not extremely handsome. He was a shy young boy hated to join that school. Why would a small boy hate his UP school ? Maybe he was lazy, but thats not the thing. His father was a teacher at that school so he hated that his father would teach him considering just like a student. He loved his dad so much so he didnt want to lose his love and care.

                                              He came to school early morning, students were only arriving to the school. So he went finding his classroom. Ahh! yes he found out 5th A classroom, suddenly it started raining outside. Classroom had a big verandah infront and there were four other classrooms in that old block. He entered to his classroom with a fear, its walls were filled with paper cuttings and charts. He couldnt understand them, but it looked really awesome. There were charts on the wall in fourth grade also but they all were in malayalam. He opened the windows and the rain was roaring outside it shattered rain drops upon his face. Suddenly he saw some foot steps coming to that class room. That was also a student wearing  rain coat, and then coat was unzipped. It was a young girl with golden hair. Rain drops were running upon her cheeks and she was wearing a yellow frock. She looked at him and placed her bag on the bench. She left the classroom. He continued enjoying the outside views of his new school. His new era has begun.

                                     Slowly within half an hour classroom was filled. There were around 30 students in his class. Class teacher arrived and started calling the attendance register. Everyone was talking, shouting and yelling, he thought every others already knew each other. His eyes started searching for familiar faces. Yes he found 2 of his old friends from fourth grade. So he slowly moved to their bench and saw that little girl was sitting in the same row. Slowly he familiarized with his new school and class room. Everyday he was waiting to talk to her but he was shy and afraid to talk to girls. 

                                         Years passed and they were all in 10th grade the final year at that school. It was long 6 years they were studying together. Yet he didnt talked to that girl. At that year a new student came to his class. As usual as the previous years days were running fast. 10th grade examination was the first Public exam they had to write and everyone was nervous. They had evening extra classes and tutions. They went to tour at that year and enjoyed it very well. He saw his golden hair dancing in this bus,that made her more attractive. He just looked outside of the bus blaming himself for his shyness. Then there came new year everyone started more careful for their studies. On  January 23 it was her birthday and she came with sweets. She looked very much prettier and he gazed at her when he got a candy from her. He never wished a happy birthday, but he saw that new student giving her a handshake. He felt so much jealous and angry and couldnt forget that incident. He found everyone was buying autograph books that year so he also brought one. On the next day he came with autograph and showed that to one of his friends. His friend started writing the autograph and classes were going on. Autograph book were rolled to one by one and the bell rang to suspend the classes. At that time he was searching for his autograph and suddenly he saw his book was on the hands of golden hair girl. She came near him and handed over book to him. He was thrilled and so eager to see what she was written. He rushed to his home and opened his book. Searched through every friends and got stuck at her name. She wrote her nick name full address and phone number. But, there was nothing written on his qoute side. He became so sad but never had courage to ask her why it was left blank. But a little happiness rolled through his eyes when he stuck on his number. So she has a phone and he could message her. He never took his autograph again to school and the exams were started. He was in a seperate exam hall and couldnt see her those days.

                                          The school were closed for summer holidays and his 10th grade was over. He realized he cant have all his classmates once again, it was so boring on those days. He got a good results for the exams and got allotted to the same school for his higher secondary. He took science stream and waited for his classes to start. He hoped she would be there too in the same classroom. Atlast on July classes started and there were around 60students in his class. But she was not there!

                                                       It was quite boring days at the secondary school but he got attracted by another girl at the commerce department. She was a girl with specs. He followed her everywhere and started using ordinary bus to reach school. When he was waiting at the bus stop he found a miracle. His golden hair girl was in the  bus which was travelling opposite to his route. She was gazing at him and she so her eyes shooting upon him. He became nervous and with a small smile he hided behind his friends. Everyday acting like he was behind the specs girl he was looking at the golden hair girl. He found her school and started messaging her. But within days her father warned him not to message her and all of it blocked. Secondary school also came to an end.

                                           He was nervous what would he choose next. Golden hair girl was not in his mind. He wrote entrance exam but never passed it, he applied for diploma and joined for ir. But he got his special branch for about 20km from his home. There he got no friends he was all alone. Then  day while returing his home he found someone at the bus stand, it was her. She joined an engineering college and reach bus stand exactly the same time when he arrives. So he gazed upon her but  hidden from her sight. On the very next day they got connected by social media and started talking. He was happy that he got some company. He was very sad when he was late to bus stand and could not see her. But he never came near her. They became good friends and Shared everything. Talked whole night and day. She were a christian so on sundays she had to go to the church and she wont use her phone on sundays because her parents will be at home. So he hated sundays, he was unable to sleep without talking to her. He only saw a good friend in her, slowly it was unable for him to forget her. He decided not to leave her, so he wanted to marry her. He didnt told her that because he was afraid he would lose her friendship. Later on the next year he got a transfer to town college, that was the most joyful moment in his life. He colud see her everyday after college. After the veccation they started meeting each other at the bus stand. At first in his life he talked to a girl more than fifteen minutes directly. That became a routine for whole days later. They stood under a banyan tree infront of a temple. Went home in the same bus. Talked whole night everyday. One day he told her he has got a pimple on his face. As the ancient myths of younger generation she told the pimple was due to some girl is being watching him and loving him secretly. So he asked her whom it will be . She told she was that girl, he got stunned and asked her does she love him. And they revealed their hearts. It was most happier days in his life. They met at parks and talked. He touched her hands for the first time at the park. They walked holding hands in rain and sun. He got introduced to her house as her friend and he came to know about her parents. For three years they loved each other. Later selfish problems came to arise in their life. They quarelled for their ego. His diploma was completed and he started working at a company. Due to the time shedule he couldnt talk to her. That lead to develop some distance between them. She started doubting him and quarelled everyday. It was her final exams so he kept some space for her study. Days later he thought giving space would cure her. That was just a misbelief, he called her on his holuday but she said this relation ship is over. That broke his mind but acted like he didnt hurt. 

                                        One day he came to know from his friends that she was with someone else. He couldnt beleieve it so he asked her. She told it was true and that guy has a good job and handome. She told him not to disturb her anymore and he is not physically matching for her. He couldnt sleep from that day life seemed so hard to live. But his parents and friends gave him strength. Slowly after months he recovered but.... He still hates sundays :(

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