Kerala PSC repeated Questions

1. The first muslim mosque in Kerala?
Ans. Kodungalloor

2. Dhadha sahib Falke award is presented for...?
Ans. Direction

3. How many international airports are there in Kerala?
Ans. 3

4. In which district Kadalundy bird Sanctuary situated?
Ans. Malappuram

5. The acid contained in Tea?
Ans. Tanic acid

6. Vitamin found in rain?
Ans. Vitamin B12

7. Kalpakkam atomic power station located at..?
Ans. Tamil nadu

8. Which element is essential for healthy enamel?
Ans. Flourine

9. Which plant is known by name green gold?
Ans. Vanilla

10. Kerala High court situated in which district?
Ans. Ernakulam

11. Which place is called as Pink city ?
Ans. Jaypur

12. Which continent in earth has higher temperature?
Ans. Africa 

13. National bird of India?
Ans. Peacock

14. Which fruit is called as Divine fruit?
Ans. Pine apple

15. In which district in Kerala Bekkal Tourist centre situated?
Ans. Kasargod

16. How many times does moon rotates around earth in an year?
Ans. Thirteen times

17. Which metal is kept stored in Wax?
Ans. Lithium

18. Aruvippuram Temple committee established on?
Ans. 1898

19. Which is the smallest river in Kerala?
Ans. Manjeswaram

20. First women President of Indian National Congress?
Ans. Annie Beasant

21. Which is the oldest newspaper still publishing?
Ans. Deepika

22. Which the major art form in Malabar region?
Ans. Kolkkali

23. How many '8' s are between 1 and 100?
Ans. 20

24. How many members are there in United Nations Organization?
Ans. 193

25. Which substance is known as white poison?
Ans. Sugar

26. Which is the Vitamin contained in Gooseberry?
Ans. Vitamin C

27. National Education day?
Ans. November 11

28. Which is the first colour film in Malayalam?
Ans. Kandam vecha coat

29. First metal used by Humans?
Ans. Copper

30. Which district in Kerala shares its boundary with Tamil nadu and Karnataka?
Ans. Wayanad

31. Who is the first women who ruled Venadu?
Ans. Umayamma Rani

32. E.K Nayanar was born in?
Ans. Kalliyasseri

33. Which country's flag does not have a rectangular shape?
Ans. Nepal

34. Which is the fastest bird in the world?
Ans. Swift

35. In which district in Kerala has large number of Cashew Industries?
Ans. Kollam

36. Which is the first digital district in India?
Ans. Nagpur

37. National literacy day?
Ans. September 8

38. Who is known as Kerala Gandhi?
Ans. K.Kelappan

39. The green colour of water is due to?
Ans. Presence of Algae

40. Who is the first Keralite Railway Minister?
Ans. John Mathayi

41. Who has scored first double century in World cup One day match?
Ans. Sachin Tendulkar

42. Bismilla Khan is famous on which musical instrument?
Ans. Shehnayi

43. Habour process is conducted to produce?
Ans. Ammonia

44. In which Taluk in Kerala, largest National Park situated?
Ans. Devikulam

45. Which is the smallest Panchayath in Kerala?
Ans. Valapattanam

46. Gayathrimantra is a part of which veda?
Ans. Rigveda

47. Which disease is called as Black death?
Ans. Plague

48. Which metal is known as King of metals?
Ans. Gold

49. Which is the largest Black water in kerala?
Ans. Vembanattu Kayal

50. Which is the largest river in India?
Ans. Sindhu 

51. Which is Vitamin we get from Sun light?
Ans. Vitamin D

52. The complete banking Service district is?
Ans. Palakkad

53. Who wrote Shakunthala?
Ans. Kalidasa

54. Which is the most used language in India?
Ans. Hindi

55. Which acid present in Orange?
Ans. Citric acid

56. Who started English education in Thiruvithamkoor?
Ans. Swathi Thirunnal

57. Which subject is known as King of chemicals?
Ans. Sulphuric acid

58. Which is the first cinema studio in Kerala?
Ans. Udaya

59. Which authority has the power to reject a persons nationality?
Ans. Parliament

60. Hepatitis affected on which body part?
Ans. Liver

61. The process by which sulphuric acid is prepared?
Ans. Contact process

62. First Eco coir Village in Kerala?
Ans. Harippad

63. Who discovered Insulin?
Ans. Alexander Fleming

64. Which is the largest Airport in India?
Ans. Indira Gandhi Airport Chennai

65. Silver revolution is related to?
Ans. Egg

66. The only one district in Kerala where Tobacco is cultivated?
Ans. Kasargod

67. First Highway in India?
Ans. Grand Trunk Road

68. The longest dam in India?
Ans. Hirakud

69. Smallest country in the world?
Ans. Vathikkan

70. Mount everest situated in?
Ans. Nepal

71. Which is the aeroplane in India without a pilot?
Ans. Lakshya

72. On which year Ganga proclaimed as national river?
Ans. 2008 November 4

73. Which country has the oldest national anthem?
Ans. Japan

74. Asafoetia is?
Ans. Oleo gum resin

75. Who is the 24th Governor of RBI?
Ans. Urjit Patel

76. Which is the first state named on the basis of language?
Ans. Andhra Pradesh

77. Manjeswaram river is situated on which part of Kerala?
Ans. Northern side

78. First Tapal service in Kerala started in?
Ans. Alappuzha

79. Great Indian Desert?
Ans. Thar

80. On which district in Kerala recieves more  rain?
Ans. Kozhikkod

81. Who is the first Keralite, whose face printed on stamp?
Ans. Sree Narayana Guru

82. Capital of Amnesty International?
Ans. Janeva

83. Duration of a Hockey Match?
Ans. 70minutes

84. Manipravalam is the mixture of which all languages?
Ans. Sanskrit + Malayalam

85. Metal which regulates blood pressure in human body?
Ans. Sodium

86. Biggest railway station in Kerala?
Ans. Shoranur

87. Which Muslim king attacked India for 16 times?
Ans. Gasni

88. Which bank has more branches in Kerala?
Ans. SBI

89. The country which has national anthem in 5 languages?
Ans. South Africa

90. The first malayalam novel converted into film?
Ans. Marthandavarma

91. Which is the largest organ in Human body?
Ans. Liver

92. On which place Indian currency is printed?
Ans. Nashik

93. Who is known as Kerala Lincoln ?
Ans. Pandit Karuppan

94. How many time required to sing national anthem?
Ans. 52 Seconds

95. Who is the author of Sidhantha Siromani?
Ans. Bhaskaracharya

96. Which place in India recieves more rain?
Ans. Chirapunji

97. How many districts where there in Kerala when it came to existance on November 1 1956?
Ans. Five

98. Which beach is Known as queen of Beach?
Ans. Kovalam

99. Thamasa is a dance form in?
Ans. Maharashtra

100. Which is the first malayalam movie won gold medal?
Ans. Chemmeen
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