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Friday, 3 March 2017

Anurag t g

Oru Mexican Aparatha Review

                                              Oru Mexican Aparatha is a malayalam movie written and directed by Tom Emmatty. Tovino, Roopesh and Neeraj comes in leading roles. Film is strictly based on campus politics. Shows competition between KSU and SFI. Film was fully shot at Maharajas College Ernakulam.
                              Movie begins with a protest scene in the early ninteeth century during which SFI party was rooted. Tovino acts as Comrade Kochaniyan who resists Police force and reacts with the college principal. But the scene ends when Kochaniyan's own companion betrays him and Kochaniyan was shot dead by police.

                           Again the scene awakes with Tovino gets beaten up by KSU in new era. Tovino acts also as Paul Varghese a first year student who joined Maharajas College. Movie goes through different different political clashes. The first half of the film filled with college romance and clashes. From the second half of the film real college struggles are filled on the screen. The film may not be interested to elder peoples because it shows the complete political issues inside the campus. But for youngsters the film is really blood rising. Tovino has done realistic fights and he is quite impressive in the film. There are no hooked up actions all fight scenes are completely normal such as real college life. For those who has participated in campus politics during their college life, for them the movie is nostalgic. Also film gives clear idea behind how real politics is influenced with students. Movie shows complete campus inside Maharajas college and editing is done well. The overall movie has no routine scenes we cant close our eyes against each scene. All the costumes campus things everything are clearly included and perfectly reminds about college life.

Tovino comes in two different get up for the two characters and has done well
Film can be rated as 4.5/5

Anurag t g

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