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Friday, 21 October 2016

Anurag t g

Royal college of engineering and Technology Attendance and Internal marks

Royal college of  engineering and technology (RCET) Akkikav Thrissur


One of the senior Engineering Institutions in Kerala which has been producing future Techies of our country. Located in Thrissur district, the Cultural Capital of Kerala, a short trip from Cochin International Airport (65 km), will bring you to a wonderful campus surrounded by 35 Acres of lush and serene natural beauty that inspires students to succeed personality and professionally in this competitive world. The institution, affiliated to University of Calicut, Kerala and recognized by All India Council for Technical Education, offers a wide range of Graduate and Undergraduate courses in Engineering.To train the youth to be the leaders of tomorrow with apt skills, deep rooted sense of social responsibility, strong ethical values and a global outlook to face the challenges of the changing world.

Students can simply check their attendance and internal marks using the below link. Its the easy way designed by royal college for students, parents can check attendance of their kids for each period each day. Its a useful method for abroad parents. 

Click here to launch your royal college Account !!!

NB : Choose password and username as your Id no. ie if ID no is 4704-16 type username as 4704/16 also password as 4704/16

Anurag t g

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