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RRB Examination Previous Question papers and Repeated questions

Railway Recruitment Board has notified for recruitment vacancies available for Assistant Loco Pilot and various Technician posts in differe...

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

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RRB Examination Previous Question papers and Repeated questions

Railway Recruitment Board has notified for recruitment vacancies available for Assistant Loco Pilot and various Technician posts in different units of Indian Railways. Upto 18000 vacancies available for the post of ALP and 9000 Vacancies for the post of Technicians.

The question paper includes all the relevant questions from Technical and non Technical sections:
Technical section includes :Mechanical,Electrical and Civil & Non Technical includes :Chemistry,Physics,Mathematics and General aptitude along with current affairs and GK.

Mechanical Type questions:

1. The amount of heat required to convert 5gms of ice at -20degree to steam at 100 degree?
   Ans. 3725 calories
2. Bernoullis theorem applicable to?
   Ans. Static fluid pressure

Electrical Type questions:
1. Ampere is used to measure?
  Ans. Current
Civil Type questions:


1. Which oxide of nitrogen is formed when Ammonium nitrate is heated?
  Ans. N2O
2. The strongest reducing agent among following: Formic acid,Acetic acid,Propionic acid,Chloro acetic acid, Nitric acid
   Ans. Propionic acid
3. Amino acids are produced by the hydrolysis of :
  Ans. Proteins
4. Electrolysis of aqueos solution of sodium succinate gives
   Ans. C2H2

1. Energy in sun is produced as a result?
   Ans. Fusion
2. If 3/4th of a radio active element decays in one hour its half life period will be:
3. The colours of thin film result due to ?
   Ans. Interference of light
4. Susceptibility of air medium is
   Ans. Zero
5. Co ordinates of inflection of normal curve is
  Ans. m plus or minus sigma


GK,General Aptitude&Current affairs:

1. P Gopichand is associated with?
    Ans: Badminton
2. Princess Diana was killed in a car accident in:
   Ans. France
3. Tulsidas became famous during the reign of:
   Ans. Akbar
4. "The sphinx" is located in
   Ans. Egypt
5. The first man to go in to space was?
   Ans. Yuri Gagarin
6. Dr. Christian Barnard performed the first
  Ans. Heart Transplant
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Thursday, 1 March 2018

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Diploma Examination Registration Kerala

1. It is hereby notified that the Diploma Examination in Engineering/ Technology/ Management/ Commercial Practice (Revision 2010 & 2015 Scheme) will be conducted during the month of APRIL 2018. 
2. All the Polytechnic Colleges in the State of Kerala (Government/ Aided/ Self financing) are the examination centers for Revision 2010 & 2015 Schemes. Time table will be published in the website www.tekerala.org. 
3. The Principals of Polytechnic colleges will be the Chief Superintendents for the conduct of the Examination in the respective centers.

 4. As per the above reference read No.7, this will be the last chance for candidates of 2010 admission and scheme changed candidates to 2010 scheme. 
5. Instruction to the Candidates Candidates who have undergone the prescribed course satisfactorily in any one of the recognized Polytechnic Colleges in the State and who have secured the prescribed minimum attendance i.e. 75% and above for Revision 2015 Scheme are eligible to appear for the Examination. However necessary condonation for the shortage of attendance can be obtained for valid reasons from the competent authority


All the candidates have to use this application form for the online examination registration.

 All entries in the application form should be carefully verified by the candidates before submission. 

After completing the online registration process, the print out of the 3 application form along with Chalan receipt/fee receipt should be submitted to the Principal for the confirmation of examination registration. Piecemeal registration will not be allowed.

 Piecemeal registration (if any) will be treated as cancelled and result will not be published for those candidates. Such registration will be treated as a chance for awarding Class/ Distinction.  

General Guidelines Principals of Polytechnic Colleges should verify whether the candidates have remitted adequate fee for all subjects (Details of fee is given in clause 7 & 8 ) for the acceptance of the application.

 Application forms for examination need not be forwarded to this office. But it should be kept in the institution itself for further verification. 

 Fees to be remitted Course Year/Semester First regular appearance Supplementary appearance Diploma in Engineering / Technology/ Management/ Commercial Practice
 S 1 to S 6 Rs. 300/ - Rs.100/- paper 

• Fine will be collected for late applications, and will have to be paid in addition to the above fees. 
• Students who enjoy fee concession should also submit the application within the prescribed date. Such students are also liable to pay fine for late submission of application. 

Dates of submission of Application /Remittance of fee. 
The submission of application and remittance of fee starts on 01/03/2018 onwards and the details are below. 

The filled in application accompanied by recommendations of staff concerned and prescribed fees should be submitted to the Principal on or before the following dates Online submission of application begins from 01/03/2018 

Last date of remittance of fee without fine & submission of application in the polytechnic college office. 07/03/2018 Last date of remittance of fee with fine of Rs.20/per day& submission of application in the polytechnic college office. 

 14/03/2018 Last date of remittance of fee with fine of Rs.750/-& submission of application in the polytechnic college office. 19/03/2018 4 8.1.

 The students availing fee concession shall also submit their application form to the office as per clause 8, failing which they have to remit the fine accordingly. 8.2. The fee for the Examination shall be remitted to Treasury under the head of account 0202-02-101-98-Examination fees or in the Polytechnic College Office. 

Fee from the candidates (Candidates in the roll of the Institution) appearing for the regular exams as well as supplementary exams may be collected by the Principals of the Polytechnic college and remitted in the Treasury in the name of Principal and the copy of Chalan receipt forwarded along with the nominal list of candidates as given in clause 

 Amount of Examination fee once remitted will not be refunded or adjusted towards the fee for a subsequent Examination under any circumstances. The fee remitted prior to the date of this notification will not be accepted and need not be forwarded to this office.

 Remittance of Examination fee will not be a claim for writing the examination. Candidates belonging to Revision 2015 scheme are eligible to write the examination after fulfilling the conditions laid down in para 2.9(ii) a and b in the G.O (MS) No: 212/2015/H Edn. Dated 27/05/2015 

Date of receipt of Nominal list in the Office of the Controller of Technical Examinations Institution wise list of registered candidates will be available in the web site www. tekerala.org for scrutiny and verification. 

The Principals of Polytechnic Colleges should verify the application with the Chalan receipt/fee receipt for the acceptance of the application before the date specified in the clause 

Only the applications verified by the Principals will be accepted in this office. Principal should verify and upload the data on a daily basis avoiding the last minute rush. The last date to complete the uploading of eligible candidates (satisfying attendance criteria) and send the hardcopy of the list is 22/03/2018. Hall tickets can be downloaded from 27/03/2018 onwards. Application forms need not be forwarded to this office .Application forms need not be forwarded to this office. 

9 Hall Ticket. a. Hall tickets of the candidates shall be made available in the web portal tekerala.org, which is to be downloaded by the Head of Section concerned and issued to the candidates with proper authentication and seal of the Principal & Office. The candidates should collect their Hall ticket from the Polytechnic College where they are studying the course. b. No candidate is permitted to appear the examination without the Hall ticket. c. Duplicate Hall Ticket shall be issued from the institution office on remittance of Rs.50/-. 5 

 10. The rules now in force with regard to the realization of Examination fee from Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Educationally Backward Classes may be followed. The Principals of Polytechnic Colleges should get the amount reimbursed from the SC/ST Department and remit to the Treasury under the Head of Account 0202-02-101-98-Examination fees, and forward the copy of Chalan receipt to this office. List of students having fee concession in Branch wise (in duplicate) is to be forwarded along with the nominal list. 

 11. The Principals of the Polytechnic Colleges will scrutinize the applications and see that the entries made there in by the candidates are correct and agree with the records of the institution. 

 12. Changes of Centre for the Examination will not be allowed to any candidate except for the candidate transferred from one Institution to another with the consent of the concerned authority.

 13. Cancellation of candidature for the Examination. If a candidate desires to cancel his candidature for the Examination, he/she should submit the application to the Principal of the Polytechnic College within 10 days after the completion of the last theory examination of that particular semester examination. Cancellation of Candidature in Diploma Examination is allowed only once for a particular Semester Examination. Principals of the Polytechnic Colleges are requested to forward the applications received for the cancellation of examination, so as to reach the office of the Controller of Technical Examinations within 5 days

 14. The students those who have discontinued their studies in Revision 2010 Scheme and readmitted to revision 2015 Scheme will have to pass additional subjects. 

 15. Practical Examination. a. Practical Exam will be conducted before or after the theory exam, at the respective Polytechnic Colleges where the student completed the course. b. Candidates must contact the Principal (Chief Superintendent) of the Centre to ascertain the date fixed for the Practical Examination. This would be the sole responsibility of the candidate and no complaints will be entertained by this office if any candidate fails to do so. 

 16. Extra time up to 30 minutes per paper for all the papers of the Examination of 3 hours duration and proportionate time for the papers of shorter durations to physically handicapped candidates with 40% and above normal disability is sanctioned as per G.O.(MS) No.09/92/H.Edn dt:6.1.1992. Such candidates should obtain permission from the Director of Technical Education in this regard.

 17. PUBLICATION OF RESULT Result of the examination will be published in the website Tekerala
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Entrance to Statistical institute: From Degree to Research with fellowship

Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata started inviting application for programmes like Degree, PG and research level. Fellowships are available for every programme.

There are two honours programmes for degree level with a 3year duration. Statistics honours programme conducted in Kolkata and Mathematics programme conducted at Bangalore. Candidates who have completed their Plus two or equalence with Mathematics and English can apply. Those who are shortlisted will get an amount of 3000rupees per monthly as fellowship and 3000 rupees per year as contigency grant.

For Post graduation programmes there are two year courses for science related and Technology related.
Available programmes and available centres and qualification for Science related are here as follows:
1.  Master of statistics (Delhi & Chennai): Either BE or Btech graduation or Degree with statistics as a subject. Those who acquired Degree in mathematics or statistics from the ISI are also eligible.
2. Master of Mathematics: (Kokata) Either  a three year degree in Mathematics or BE/B.Tech with mathematics as a subject.
3. Master of science in Quantitative Economics(Kolkata & Delhi)  Plus two qualification with mathematics as a subject and a degree in any subjects.
4. Master of science in Quality managemet science:(Bangalore & Hyderabad) A three year degree with Mathematics as a subject or BE/ BTech degree.
5. Master of Science in Library & Information science (Bangalore): Bachelors Degree in any of the subject.

                                       Those who are selected for Masters programme in science will get 5000 Rupees each month as stipend and 5000 Rupees per year as contigency grant.

Technology related programmes are as follows:
1. MTech Computer science (Kolkata): Masters degree in Mathematics/Statistics/Physics/Electronic Science/Computer Application/Information technology Or BE/BTech degree or AMIE level qualification
2.Mtech Criptology & Security(Kolkata): Qualification for Computer science Mtech.
3. MTech quality, Reliability &Operations Research (Kolkata): Masters degree in statistics with 10+2 level with Physics and Chemistry or BE or Btech Or AMIE equalent qualification. Those who get selected for Mtech programmes will get stipend of 8000 Rupees and 8000 Rupees as contigency grant.

ISI also offers a two post graduate diploma courses. For a one year duration course conducted at Thejpur for Statistical Methods and analytics requires Bachelor degree with mathematics as a subject or BE/Btech or AMIE equvalent qualification. 

At Garidhi there is a Post graduate course with computer application with one year duration. Those who have completed Degree with Mathematics as a subject is eligible for the course. There is no stipend for this course.

Here are the Subjects available for junior research fellowship. 
Statistics ( Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Thespoor), Mathematics ( Kolkata, Delhi Bangalore, Chennai), Quantitative Economics (Kolkata, Delhi), Computer Science (Kolkata, Bangalore,Chennai), Quality reliability & Operaions Research( Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai), Physics (Kolkata), Geology (Kolkata), Biological science (Kolkata), Library & Information Science( Bangalore)

Educational qualifications required for the candidates are given in ISI website below the tab Admissions prospectus. For Junior research fellowship an amount of 25000/28000 per month fellowship and House rental allowance. For senior research fellowship an amount of 28000/32000 will be given with per year contigency of 20000. 

For all courses there will be reservations for OBC/SC/ST/PWD categories. Admissions will be based on the written test conducted on May 31 2018 and the personal interview followed by it. Kochi will be the exam centre in Kerala.

Admission Test

There will be two papers for all courses. Morning 10.30 to 12.30 and 2 PM to 4PM is the exam schedule. There is only one paper for PG Diploma course. Further details will be available in the Prospectus. There is a common Test for Degree programmes. There will be Multiple Choice questions in the Paper 1 and Essay type questions in Paper 2 from mathematics. Those who are shortlisted from the written test will be called for personal interview. The winners from Indian National Mathematics Olympiad has been relieved from taking the written test, they will be called directly for the interview. But they also will have to submit their applications now. 

Those candidates who posses a GATE score also will be relieved from written test for  Mtech programmes. 

Application fee for General candidates is rupees 1000 and for OBC/SC/ST/PWD candidates 500 Rupees. 

Online Application

Applications can be submitted online through the link ISI  upto 2018 March 11. Application fee can be submitted through SBI Collect or through Net banking or Credit/Debit Cards. 
Admit card for the test will be available with in April 11th.    

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Monday, 11 December 2017

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Vocational instructor in maintenance and repairs of two wheelers and three wheelers Answerkey

Vocational instructor in maintenance and repairs of two wheelers and three wheelers 11/12/17 Answerkey

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Monday, 4 December 2017

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Constable (Tech & Trades) 2016 (Kerala) Final Selection List Kerala

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