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Pambooran Para : Tourist attraction in Thrissur

Pambooran Para is a mountain range that is located 13Kms away from the Thrissur town. It has not yet declared as an open tourist spot. The main attraction is a vast area of forest with huge rocks with arising structures which look like snakes. Its located near Poomala dam and Cheppara caves. Its not that famous also population is very less near this area. Only rubber plantation workers are living here. Transportation to this tourist spot is not well. There is no proper road path.

Direction to Pambooran Para from Thrissur Town:

From Thrissur round head north to Thrissur- Shoranur road towards the Paliyam road for about 1.5kms . Take a right at Nisha complex road to Viyyur- Kuttiyal move about 6kms from there. From there to Thanikkudam Machad road and then take straight past Pulikkan Laboratory and then take a Left turn. You can find a Kerala forest department sign board. From there follow the muddy road to reach Pambooran para. 

Only nature lovers are invited. Not for wood cutters or those who wish to dump wastes. They will be strictly prosecuted.

Evenings are better at this tourist spot. Its a virgin forest and humans have not attacked this forest that much. You can see huge rocks and vast forest area. Do not bring any kind of plastic products, If you bring them please kindly return them with you. You can feel the most beautiful sunset here at Pambooran para. Nature whistles a cool music provides a astonishing ambience. 

 Forests are like the lungs of the Earth — inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen that we all need to survive. Destroying forests releases more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year than all of the planes, trains, cars, trucks and ships — combined. People all over the world — from rural communities to the biggest cities — are affected by global deforestation. Your support will go toward helping Conservation International protect the places where we can make the greatest impact, putting good conservation practices in place for the long term.We call it the environment, but that's the wrong word. It's our extended body. We have a “personal body” and a “universal body”, and they're both equally ours. When we have that experience, that knowledge, it will become impossible for us tooo hurt the earth. So my friends, don't choose the word 'environment"; look at the earth as your mother from where you were born, and also remember that all its beautiful forests, its flowers and gardens, its trees, its atmosphere, its rivers -- they're all a part of our own biological organism. Love her... as you love yourself.

                                                 When we are willing to make peace within ourselves, and peace with the environment in which we live and peace with each other and the animals we love and peace with the world so there are no wars, we will begin to understand how blessed we humans really are while we're on this earth and among each other and the more we strive for this Peace on Earth the more we will leave Paradise behind for those that come after us.

 The sounds of birds chirping announces the rising of the sun and the coming of a new day. Each morning is a time for a fresh start and a new and wonderful beginning. We should never forget the sacrifices others have made for us and to honor them we should live our lives to the fullest.

 Forests, lakes, and rivers, clouds and winds, stars and flowers, stupendous glaciers and crystal snowflakes - every form of animate or inanimate existence, leaves its impress upon the soul of human

 One who neglects or disregards the existence of earth, water, fire, air,vegetation and all other lives disregards his own existence which is entwined with them.

The Great Spirit is in all things: he is in the air we breathe. The Great Spirit is our Father, but the earth is our mother. She nourishes us; that which we put into the ground she returns to us.

 Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.
Sometimes, we are overwhelmed by the extent of damage humans have caused, and we are not sure if an individual can make any impact.
Yes, you can, there are millions of people just like you, who are learning about the issue and taking little steps to help. Additionally, many governments, organizations, and societies are making great strides in helping reducing deforestation and encouraging forest plantations.
But there is still a lot to do.

Due to the extent and nature of forest destruction, efforts to stop deforestation and preserve them are best achieved at government and organization levels. This means that laws, rules, and regulations from countries can help to enforce the preservation of forests. Laws on farming, timber, and wood, as well as land use must be encouraged and enforced.

There is a fun way to remember the most important points in forest preservation called TREES which means...

  • Teach others about the importance of the environment and how they can help save rainforests.
  • Restore damaged ecosystems by planting trees on land where forests have been cut down.
  • Encourage people to live in a way that doesn't hurt the environment.
  • Establish parks to protect rainforests and wildlife.
  • Support companies that operate in ways that minimize damage to the environment.

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