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Know about Reliance Jio Reality

                 Reliance telecom services in India came into existance on 2002 December 28 at Dhirubhai Knowledge city in Navy Mumbai. At that time also Reliance made a massive beginning to revolutionise India's telecom sector. Reliance was a threat to other sectors playing in the same arena. Mukesh Ambani was the chairman and Managing director and he introduced Reliance Indiamobile, a wireless in Local network. There started the era of new Telecom services.
                                  Its scheme tariff rates were most ambitious ever than any other telecom sector listed in India. There were three schemes offered by the Reliance India mobile for the consumers. Its introductory scheme was "Dhirubhai Ambani Pioneer" offer. On this scheme the consumers were given free mobile phone, Free unlimited incoming calls , Billing for 15 seconds pulse rate, for a membership fee 3000 and 600 per month for usage charges. All the incoming calls were free and Outgoing calls were charged at 10 paise for 15 seconds. STD calls to any Reliance mobile phones were charged 40paise per minutes and users got 400 minutes free talk time. Value added services like voice mail, call waiting, call hold, call divert, call identification,, call conferencing, dynamic STD/ISD locking and text messaging were offered for free. Internet access through phones were also free initially. The pricing system were very much cheaper so that every Indians could afford. Then there was a regular scheme by which users can enjoy incoming calls as free and 1.20 rupees for first three minutes of an outgoing call and 200rs rental per month. But in these scheme users will have to buy their own mobile phones and financing schemes were available. Reliance signed with different manufacturers of mobile phones like LG and Daewoo to avail handsets for consumers. Reliance services were only available on these handsets. Also Reliance introduced color handsets which costs 17,000 which contained modified features like Polyphonic tunes, Lithium battery and with PC synchronisation support. Dhirubhai Ambani developer programme created a new platform for innovations in Information Technology sector.  
                          Apart from the ordinary telephony services, Reliance Infocomm were betting on services like Internet browsing, emails, video downloads, audio downloads and picture messaging that hooked consumers onto the network.While these were initially free, Reliance  started charging for them once the introductory offer expired in March 2003.There were availability of 24*7 customer services in regional languages for smoother experience. With in July 1 2003, Reliance set a world record that they earned 1 million customers in 10days. Then they introduced R net internet connection cable. On September 20, an R world feature, Navratri earned 10 million downloads on the first days of the launch. With in November 3rd Reliance got a base of 5 million customers. Within an end of 2003, Reliance started National roaming and international SMS service to 159 countries. In 2005 Reliance introduced E recharge facility. Step by step, Flight ticket booking, Railway ticket booking and CA result publishing were introduced. Reliance BIG TV launched and signed up for 3G spectrum. Launched Reliance Tab in 2011.

Have you seen any similarity with the new Reliance Jio introduced on 5th September 2016. Jio started its welcome offer till December 31, which was a hit to other telecom services who were charging high payment rates for Internet and calls. Reliance Jio made outgoing calls totally free for lifetime.Have you noticed Jio has introduced new 4G LTE smartphones named as LYF. At first Jio services were only available on these devices. On welcome offer, Jio gave completely free unlimited 4G data untill December 31st. This gained them about 5million users in India. After December 31st Jio introduced a New year plan, with 28GB data available per month in the rate of 1GB data per day. The plan is valid until March 31. Jio rating is increasing day by day. Jio provides some apps such as Jio play, Jio mags etc for easy availability of videos and magazines. The plans are really alot like those were in the beginning of Reliance in 2002. Popular telecom operators like Idea and Vodafone losing their customers day by day, competing in the field by providing cheapest rates. Jio directly owns 4G spectra, while other networks changed their 2G and 3G to 4G bandwidth. Thats really a positive factor for Jio.
                      Jio has launched their tariff plan, which the customer have to follow after March 31st. 

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