Friday, 21 October 2016

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A shocking news for Jio Users

Reliance Jio to Start Charging for 4G Internet From 4 December ?

will start charging customers from April 1, but will offer sharply discounted prices for a year to those who sign up by the end of March. Customers who sign up by March 31 will be able to use unlimited data and voice services for a year at Rs 303 a month under a special offer, said. 

Enrolment to the plan would cost a one-time fee of Rs 99.

As Industries chairman launched the Rs 303 per month plan for Jio, rival Bharti Airtel shares were seen trading down 2.5%.

According to the tariff plan, will match the highest selling tariff of other operators and provide 20 per cent more data than what other operators provide.

will also offer Prime Memberships starting from March 1. The customers can enrol for this membership at Rs 99 and can continue enjoying unlimited offering for another 12 months after enrolment.

Prime Members can get this value at an introductory price of only Rs 303/month, effectively just Rs 10/day.

The last date of availing the membership is March 31.

Concerns, however, remain if will be able to retain its subscribers once it begins charging for the services. Analysts say many subscribers are using as a second mobile connection to take advantage of the free data.

Jio's launch came after years of delay and Industries has already invested more than $20 billion into the venture.Industries Chairman on Tuesday thanked all its customers for an unprecedented response in the last six months. The has crossed 100-million customers mark in just 170 days, Ambani said.

Addressing shareholders at Digital event, Ambani said, "Seven customers added every single second since launch." 

According to the data consumed on Jio, users consumed over 100 crore GB data, more than 3.3 crore GB/day, making India the number one country in mobile data usage.

was launched on September 5, 2016.

"carries nearly 5.5 crore hours of video daily on its network. has more than double the number of 4G base stations when compared to all the other Indian operators put together," Ambani said.

Making big announcement on the event, on all of Jio's tariff plans, all domestic voice calls to any network will always remain free. No roaming charges will be applicable and there won't be black out days either.

A shocking news for Jio customers who are availing JWO (Jio Welcome Offer ) Checkout the link for more information

Anurag t g

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